What’s New at the Centre Now?

Since 2013, 105 Gibson Centre has been serving the community with diversified services with aims to address physical, emotional and physical needs. The COVID-19 pandemic response forced us to close in mid-March and has since greatly impacted the Centre’s operations and finances. We are currently providing only two essential services by appointments through Food Bank

Finding Hope for the Lost

In the last six years, we have encountered many people who have faced challenges in their lives: older adults isolated from community; youth at loss and uncertain about their future; food bank clients adjusting to a new country or the homeless seeking warmth and shelter. While our existing programs and services can alleviate some of

My Favourite Place

Hatam Al Ameri 105 Gibson Centre’s Food Bank is not the first food bank that Hatem visited after arriving in Canada in 2017. However, the Centre’s friendly environment and staff had given him a sense of belonging. To him, the Centre is different from other places because he feels the people here love to help

Thankful for What I Have

Benny Wong As a recent grad with steady employment, Benny always considers himself lucky to have everything he needs and not having to worry about anything. Volunteering at 105 Gibson’s Food Bank, Tax Clinic and the Out of the Cold program reinforced this and has changed his perspective of the Centre. When Benny first heard

Paying it Forward – Jenny Azad Oghli

Arriving in Canada as a refugee from war-torn Syria four years ago, Jenny was eager for a new adventure here but cultural, financial and linguistic barriers hindered her family to housing, food and education. However her greatest concern was her two young daughters who longed to see their friends in Syria. They could not adjust

Taekwondo – Lesson of Endurance

Eugene’s daughter has been enrolled in Taekwondo class at 105 Gibson Centre for a year. She expressed interest in learning Taekwondo at the age of four. When asked why she loves Taekwondo, she replied: “I like Superman.” Eugene’s daughter is one of the few girls in class, and some boys have the perception that boys

Singing with Confidence

Popular Hong Kong singer June transitioned her career focus in 2016 to teach singing and became a teacher at 105 Gibson Centre in 2017. In her teaching, she realized many people lacked self-confidence. With the hope to build students’ self-confidence, she also advocates the teaching ideals of mutual encouragement and support, and communal progress and

The Language of Love

June lives within walking distance from 105 Gibson Centre but she had not heard of the Centre until she received the activity pamphlets in her mailbox in 2016. She initially wanted to join the singing class. Unfortunately, some of the classes were not offered in English so she joined the Zumba class instead. Elaine, the

Out of the Cold Program

105 Gibson Centre will be welcoming a new group of guests this winter through the Out of the Cold (OOTC) program. OOTC is organized by Mosaic Interfaith, a privately funded organization that partners with interfaith groups to provide hospitality that includes shelter and meals to those in need during the winter months. The Toronto Christian