Benny Wong

As a recent grad with steady employment, Benny always considers himself lucky to have everything he needs and not having to worry about anything. Volunteering at 105 Gibson’s Food Bank, Tax Clinic and the Out of the Cold program reinforced this and has changed his perspective of the Centre.

When Benny first heard of 105 Gibson Centre, he thought the Centre only served the Chinese community. Yet, after meeting some of the users, he realized that assumption was wrong. The Centre does, in fact, serve many from other cultural background and walks of life!

For instance, some of the OOTC guests were successful in life before experiencing a downturn. Benny welcomed them and conversed with them during dinner time. He considered this to be a precious opportunity to show hospitality and to understand what they have gone through. He was also hugely motivated by a single mother he met at the Tax Clinic. With two daughters and not much income, life is difficult for the family. Yet, seeing how she placed taking care of them at a higher priority over finance is very touching to Benny’s heart. Benny has learned that not everyone is as lucky as him and he is very thankful for what he has. His perspective on life has changed and he is encouraged to give back to the community so more people can benefit from 105 Gibson’s services.