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Welcome to Space105—a dedicated haven for expressing, preserving, and celebrating diverse cultural elements. 

In our inclusive environment, we provide a platform for fostering creativity, understanding, and engagement with various cultural practices. We invite you to join us as we transcend boundaries and delve into the richness of different cultural perspectives.


Dedicated to visual arts, live performances, and educational workshops, our multi-purpose venue is available for a broad range of artistic and intellectual pursuits.

Unity in Diversity

Our curated programming appeals to a broad audience, fostering unity and appreciation for diversity within our community.

Creativity and Innovation

A platform for innovation, we encourage the fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, fostering the evolution of cultural practices.

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Joy Beyond Vision Community Café, a collaboration between 105 Gibson Centre and Joy Beyond Vision Community, serves up delicious and healthy fare prepared by visually impaired individuals. Every purchase at the cafe supports JBVC’s mission.

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