What makes us unique:

At the Medical Consultation Clinic, we can clarify your medical issues, refer to a specialist and provide short term medical , emotional and social support.

Our whole-person and multidisciplinary team approach supports the needs of individuals and their families.

 What can you expect?

Tatiana –

“To 105 Gibson Clinic,

My name is Tatiana, I want to thank you for your great help, collaboration and support regarding my state of health, since I have had a very special attention as it was on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 1:00 pm virtual appointment with Dr. Wong, who clarified many things that I did not understand about my case, especially regarding my health problems, which was very important to me. That is why I recommend and appreciate their great help, so important to those who need it, I must also acknowledge the great performance of Angela Mejía, who is a very attentive and helpful person and is always ready to help with translation and other things that are needed.

Thanks for everything!”

L. –

“I appreciate wholeheartedly your professional endeavors in delivering your professional discussion, strong support, and encouragement with me, regarding my current illness, and well-being.

You talked to/with me for one whole hour in a highly compassionate and empathetical manners. You ended the phone visit with a comforting prayer of love and grace.

Dr. Wong, thank you again. You are providing your clients with the holistic approach of care, which include big time psychological, and spiritual support. We all need them badly.


  1. Our team will meet with you and your family to help determine your needs.  This assessment involves a physical exam and discussion in a professional approach and manner.
  2. We work closely with your family doctor and other health care providers. Together we will create a care plan.
  3. We provide a completed report to your family doctor that describes the plan and any necessary follow up. Clinic service is active until your plan or goal has been met.


A Word From Our Client’s Family…

“Thank you for the excellent care services, I couldn’t ask for more…

A great relief made me feel a lot better.”


Medical Clinic

Medical Needs

Medical/nursing support, expert/specialist consultation

Emotional/Spiritual Needs

Supportive listening, caring and prayer.

Social Needs

Referrals to community programs, government programs and funding

Physical/Supportive Needs

Home care, rehab referral, transportation

 Medical Consultation Clinic

Our Team consists of doctors, nurses, clinical coordinators, spiritual support volunteers.  We work together as a team to provide comprehensive services to individual overall wellness.


There will be a fee charged for those without OHIP and interim Federal Health Program. The fee may be waived depending on circumstances.

Dr. David Wong, Clinic Physician

Dr. David Wong graduated in medicine in 1981. He is trained in internal medicine and anesthesiology, and is currently a full professor at University of Toronto. Three years ago, he was challenged by a TCCC pastor’s vision to start a clinic at a community center to address the issues of seniors such as depression, loneliness, family conflict, and financial stress. Many are not seeking a quick prescription; instead they want to be with someone who spends time to listen and care for them. The sense of wellness encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Dr. Wong felt privileged and grateful for the opportunity to help clients through listening, encouragement, advice, prayer, and support.

“Individuals with depression, diabetes, financial stress, family conflict, loneliness, or loss of hope. I feel privileged to listen to each patient and to provide medical care, encouragement, prayer, practical help, emotional support and hope. God is the perfect healer and I am humbled to extend His healing and love to those in need.”

Dr. David Wong

Ms. Clara Tsang, Nurse Practitioner

Clara Tsang is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner RN(EC), with over 40 years of clinical experience. She has received Masters of Nursing and a Gerontology Nursing Certificate from the Canadian Nurses Association, BScN in Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, BA from the University of Waterloo, Nursing and Health Care Management certificate from McMaster University, and various nursing training and certificates in Hong Kong and UK. Since retiring as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner at The Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Rough Valley site emergency department, Clara has been actively serving at global medical and educational missions. She has been a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She also devotes time to serving in the community as a Nurse Practitioner consultant to several not-for-profit organizations.

Angela Mejia, Spanish Translator

Angela graduated as a Business Administrator from the Catholic University of Colombia, has a diploma in teaching and courses in customer service in Toronto Canada. She has been a teacher in educational institutions, one in her native country Colombia, as well as in Chongqing – China. She currently works with 105 Gibson Centre as the liaison between the Hispanic community and the community center at the Food Bank. She also teaches Spanish to mostly Hong Kong people with the Spanish with fun program.

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