My Favourite Place

Hatam Al Ameri 105 Gibson Centre’s Food Bank is not the first food bank that Hatem visited after arriving in Canada in 2017. However, the Centre’s friendly environment and staff had given him a sense of belonging. To him, the Centre is different from other places because he feels the people here love to help

Greetings from our new Executive Director

105 Gibson Centre Announces RAYMOND LEE as new Executive Director, effective July 1, 2019 We are pleased to announce the appointment of Pastor Raymond Lee as our new Executive Director, effective July 1, 2019. Ray succeeds former General Director Reverend Jonathan Chan in this role. Ray graduated with a Computer Engineering Degree but ultimately it

A Link that Creates Impact for Others

While most Out of the Cold locations offer a meal and shelter for the guests, some locations have additional services in their program. In the past, Toronto Christian Community Church had offered dental check, physiotherapy, hair cut and other services. With Dr. Abraham Yuen’s coordination, optometry service was introduced in 2018 to provide eye exams