Abundant Life Institute

Continuous Learning for a Meaningful Life

One of the six ministries of 105 Gibson Centre, dedicated to serve those 55 years old or older by providing lifelong learning opportunities and building a meaningful life.

ALI offers a wider range of courses and activities to expand members’ horizons with the hope that they will be empowered to lead a healthy life in their retirement years.

We invite you to be an Abundant Life Institute member.

It is our hope that you will discover new passions, new purpose and new learning here. Your abundant life begins here!


Membership Fees:

Full-year membership (September 1 – August 31) – $20

Half-year membership (March 1 – August 31) – $10

Seniors 65 years old or above receive 50% discount.

Members enjoy a wide range of benefits including free classes and discounts for other classes. In addition, ALI regularly hosts ALI Talks and other workshops.


There are three terms each year:

Winter: January to April

Summer: May to August

Fall: September to December

First two months of each term is “Term 1” and last two months of each term is “Term 2”.

How to Register

Our interface for enrolling classes and services provided by 105 Gibson Centre offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Come and check this out!

ALI Courses are classified into the following 5 tracks. It is our hope that you will discover new passions, new purpose and new learning here. Your abundant life begins here!


Sample Courses:

  • Android Mobile Apps
  • Art in Chinese Tea
  • Calligraphy 101, 201, 301
  • Conversational Mandarin
  • Perspectives in Chinese Culture


Sample Courses:

  • Brain Beat Dance / Line Dance / Praise Dance / Zumba
  • Chinese Medicine Talk
  • Pickleball
  • Six Circulation Fist
  • Stretching Exercise
  • Tai Chi Sword


Sample Courses:

  • Chinese Dance Class
  • Chinese Landscape, Floral and Bird Drawing
  • Creative Card Making
  • Singing Class


Sample Courses:

  • Abundance 101
  • Life Story Sharing
  • The Challenge of Older Adults


Sample Courses:

  • Community Volunteering

Credit System

Courses that we are two months in duration weigh 0.5 credit. Courses that are four months in duration weigh 1.0 credit. Members are required to attend 80% of each course to be credited.


Graduation Application

Members can request for a graduation certificate once they have accumulated 12 credits. The 12 credits must include at least one course from each track and a mandatory course.

We are offering classes onsite and online! We hope that this can encourage our community to stay connected with their favourite instructor and fellow classmates through online learning. Please check the class locations shown in the pamphlet.


105 Gibson Older Adults Services (OAS) provides programs to the semi-retired and retired by bringing fulfillment, love and abundance to their lives. Our programs offer to help expand their horizon and empower them for life-long continuous learning.