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About Us:

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment is an evidence-based practice using the scientific principles of behaviour to treat behavioural needs in individuals with various developmental disabilities, most commonly, Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA can be used to teach a variety of skills, including but not limited to, communication, social and play, functional living and adaptive, and academic skills, and reduction in challenging behaviour. Treatment is individualized to the specific strengths and needs of the client, and treatment decisions are based on ongoing data collection, analysis, and collaboration with the treatment team.

What to expect?

What Can ABA Help With?

  • Communication Skill Deficits (Verbal Behaviour)
  • Functional Living and Self-Care Needs
  • Academic and School Readiness Delays
  • Difficulties with Attention and Focus
  • Gross and Fine Motor Needs
  • Social Skills and Play Skill Deficits
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • And more: Please feel free to discuss with our Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®).


Behavioural Consulting Services

Service Range:


  • Families of children aged 2 to 13. (Please note: Special considerations may be given to children outside this age range up to age 18, depending on the circumstances. Please call to inquire.)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disabilities. (Please note: a diagnosis is not required to be eligible for services and the behavioural consultation team also does not make diagnoses.)
  • Behavioural assessment: Determine the strengths and needs of your child.
  • Behavioural consultation: Consult with a BCBA®. Determine goals and treatment objectives, collaborate on a treatment plan, and receive treatment recommendations. Learn about strategies to bring about behaviour change in socially significant and practical areas in your child and family’s lives.
  • Caregiver/mediator training: Receive training and coaching from a BCBA® on how to improve or teach your child important behaviour that can improve your child and family’s quality of life. Learn how to implement ABA strategies and receive direct support from the BCBA® through ongoing consultation, observation, and analysis. Complete ABA activities to help reach your goals.
  • Ongoing supervision: Review data, observations, and treatment recommendations with a BCBA® to evaluate progress in the treatment plan as well as next steps. Based on the assessment outcomes and treatment goals, the team will work together with the family to recommend and establish a schedule of activities at an intensity and frequency that will facilitate successful outcomes with the resources available.
  • Many options can be considered based on the needs of the family and services can be provided synchronously or asynchronously online in various settings.
  • An emphasis is put on working together respectfully and meaningfully to improve outcomes for the child and the family at-large.


Our mission at the 105 Gibson Centre is to serve those in need and share with them the compassion of Jesus. As an extension of this core mission, the Behavioural Consultation team strives to improve the quality of life for those we serve through ABA.

What sets us apart?

Work Directly with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst®


All services will be supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®). A Board Certified Behavior Analyst is a professional who has acquired graduate-level certification in the field of behaviour analysis through extensive education, training, experience, and examination. Certification helps families find trained, competent, and qualified practitioners to provide quality behavioural services to their children. For more information, please visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s website at




Multi-Tier Fee System

Fees are not covered by OHIP but there are multiple payment options available to our clients. Families may also receive funding for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). A sliding scale of fees and subsidy are available for clients with limited means to fund services. Please call 905-946-8787 ext. 127 to inquire.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: By appointment only.