Career Pathway Series

Interactive Workshops - 2T2023

Career Pathway Series – Interactive Workshops

Want to enhance your employment skills? This collaboration with 360o Kids Employment Programs provides you with a series of free workshops to help you reach your employment goals!

Jun 15 career pathway 360 2023 poster

Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships in the Workplace + Professionalism

Want to learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships in the workplace while maintaining professionalism? This workshop will help you enhance your professional skills and build healthy relationships!

CPS Interactive Workshops - 20230713

Stress Management / Time Management

Want to learn how to manage your time and stress? This workshop will help you learn new ways in managing your time and stress, especially in the workplace!

CPS Interactive Workshops - 20230831

Introductions & Info Session to 360°kids Employment Programs

Want to enhance your employability skills? 360°kids Employment Programs is pleased to provide you with a series of free workshops to help you reach your employment goals!

Career Pathway Series Job Search Year Round Poster

Career Pathway Series – One-on-One Job Search Clinic

HR specialists and seasoned professionals help you on resume and cover letter critique, mock interviews, or career guidance in an one-hour session.

Friendship Cooking Sessions for HK Newcomers Poster

Friendship Cooking Sessions with HK Newcomer Young Adults

For those who are new from HK and have been settled in Toronto for 6 months and more, these cooking sessions are for you to make decilious dishes with those who share simliar life stage.

NPower August 16

Equipping for IT Profession with nPower Canada

Want to equip yourself with IT knowledge and languages for future career moves?

Everyday Conversational English for Newcomers 加拿大英語會話日常



Young Lives Speak

Young Lives Speak is a collection of stories of young people in our Canadian multi-ethnic community. You went through highs and lows, you face the future with hopes and your stories spur others on.

Stay tuned. Your lives speak.