Finding Hope for the Lost

In the last six years, we have encountered many people who have faced challenges in their lives: older adults isolated from community; youth at loss and uncertain about their future; food bank clients adjusting to a new country or the homeless seeking warmth and shelter. While our existing programs and services can alleviate some of

New and Old

Ray Lee I celebrate the diversity, dedication and hard work of the volunteers who invest in the lives of others in the community by serving at the Centre. They come from many backgrounds and circumstances. We have over 100 volunteers spending an average of 1,770 hours here every month in 2019. This is phenomenal and

My Favourite Place

Hatam Al Ameri 105 Gibson Centre’s Food Bank is not the first food bank that Hatem visited after arriving in Canada in 2017. However, the Centre’s friendly environment and staff had given him a sense of belonging. To him, the Centre is different from other places because he feels the people here love to help