The “You Are Not Alone” Campaign, organized by “105 Gibson Centre” in our community, has a mission to promote social participation and inclusion of seniors in the local Chinese community. Our focus this year is on Cantonese-speaking seniors who might be encountering social isolation or having trouble accessing community resources. Our program offers workshops, daily activities, and a Volunteer Friendly Visit Service to help seniors stay engaged and connected.

Volunteer Friendly Visit Service


It aims to provide holistic care for the Older Adults in the community through personalized one on one visits.

Although the service is free and runs by volunteers, the center maintains high professionalism in the service arrangements. All volunteers have received relevant professional training and periodical coaching to ensure that volunteers are competent and maintain service quality.

Upon receiving an application for service referral, the center’s staff will contact the applicant and discuss their needs and preferences, arranging a visit with the most suitable volunteers at a time and place that works for them.

Visits typically involve two volunteers and can take place either at home or virtual, as well as over phone calls. Currently, these services are only provided in Cantonese speaking. For inquiries or referrals, please contact Mrs. Joannie Yu at 905-946-8787 ext. 130 or email

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