105 Gibson Older Adults Services (OAS) provide programs to the semi-retired and retired by bringing fulfillment, love and abundance to their lives. Our programs offer to help expand their horizon and empower them for life-long continuous learning.

Objective of OAS:

  1. Wholistic development
  2. Building a positive personality outlook
  3. Establish a purposeful retirement
  4. Family enrichment
  5. Aging well

Target groups:

  1. Middle Adults (55 to 74 years old)
  2. Older Adults (75 years old and above)

Direction of programs:

Through different workshops and events, we build:

  1. Positive and healthy self-image
  2. Strong and harmonious family ties
  3. Cross generational relationships
  4. Community engagement

Specialties of programs:

  1. Provide Wholistic care
  2. Equip Mid Adults (55+) to serve the Older Adults (75+)
  3. Create a sense of belonging
  4. Organize support groups
Abundant Life Institute

Abundant Life Institute offers a wider range of courses and activities to expand members’ horizons with the hope that they will be empowered to lead a healthy life in their retirement years.