105 Gibson Centre will be welcoming a new group of guests this winter through the Out of the Cold (OOTC) program. OOTC is organized by Mosaic Interfaith, a privately funded organization that partners with interfaith groups to provide hospitality that includes shelter and meals to those in need during the winter months. The Toronto Christian Community Church is one of the hosts in York Region and after 105 Gibson’s renovation in 2018, there is more space and a shower room to serve them. We are ready to serve them at a better capacity for 11 weeks this winter.

Many of the guests are familiar with OOTC as they had been here before. Their backgrounds can be quite diverse. Some maybe homeless or unemployed. Some may be working but still face financial difficulties such as paying bills or paying for healthy meals. These basic necessities can be out of reach for them.

As they arrive, they prepare their bed, take a shower or may enjoy other services such as a hair cut, optometric check, physio or medical services before taking dinner as a group. If it is not a busy night, our volunteers would sit and eat with them. Many interesting conversations have taken place over dinner. Gradually overtime, friendship is established and this trust can often take the conversation to a much deeper level and allow them to inquire about our Christian faith. Although it is not always possible to dialogue about our faith, we hope that we can live out and demonstrate our Christian faith to them through our actions and serving.