105 Gibson Centre Covid-19 Counselling Helpline

FREE COVID-19 Counselling Helpline

COVID-19 has certainly brought sudden changes to our lives in the past weeks. We do not lack stories of people who struggle from: Financial hardships due to loss of income; Being home-bound in self-isolation; Fearing the uncertainty and anxiety for what may be next, how it may affect graduation or university applications; Concerns about existing

Special Arrangement for Covid-19

105 Gibson Centre Reopening Arrangement

105 Gibson Centre will resume services as of below arrangement. August – Only for rental service. By appointment only September onwards – Open to public   Hours of operation September onwards – Monday to Friday, 10 am – 10 pm (tentative) Maximum number of occupants Centre controls the number of occupants up to 255 persons

Online Classes for Jul – Aug

Our users have always enjoyed the high quality classes at 105 Gibson and have built a deep friendship with the instructors and other students. Despite there are other courses on the internet, they still miss the courses at the Centre. During the time when the Centre is closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering