Dr. Leo Fung

Dr. Leo Fung is currently a committee member of the 105 Gibson Centre’s Abundant Life Institute. He worked as a Senior School Development Officer in Hong Kong and is now using his expertise in curriculum development for ALI. He has developed different levels of curriculum to meet the needs of members and to provide them the impetus for advancement.

Most current curriculum mainly focuses on health and wellness. Leo hopes to have more courses in the areas of “Spiritual Care” and “Community Engagement”, as well as technology courses such as DNA and nanotechnology, which allows students to keep pace with trends and staying young at heart.

Leo is a volunteer instructor in the “Health Talks in Chinese Medicine” and “Perspectives in Chinese Culture” courses. As an instructor, he has learned to let go of his identity as a professor and civil servant and be humble, where he would do the due diligence at home and provide students with correct answers and proper learning attitude in class.

Leo has been devoted to education throughout his life. Although he has obtained multiple degrees, he is still keen on his studies. He hopes to encourage others to learn for life. He also strives to fulfil his aspiration for learning with the hope to complete a Ph.D. in psychology and refresh the Japanese language he learned many years ago, where he may use it in mission ministry! This is precisely what the old saying called, “one is never too old to learn.”