105 Gibson Centre offers a wide range of programs and services for people of all ages.

We welcome you to visit us and explore how you can be part of our community!


Community Classroom
For people looking for opportunities to learn together in a joyful and enriching manner or seeking to share their expertise as instructors. For all ages.

Older Adult Services
For people who are 55+ years old by providing lifelong learning opportunities and building a meaningful life through a wide range of courses and activities.

Youth Services
Offers a supporting environment for youths or young adults (14 – 25 years old) to experience love, faith and hope, and to mature into outstanding world citizens.

Counselling Service
A healthy mental state contributes to our overall wellness. this service aim to the help our clients resolving the challenges and build resilience in their lives.

Medical Consultation Clinic
Aims at developing a healthy wellbeing from the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social perspectives. Program is delivered through the Wellness Clinic and the Counselling Service.

Sports Program
Aims to improve community’s physical literacy through sports games, workshops and tournaments. Join us for a time to refresh and to stay active.



Food Bank
Provides food to people who struggle with hunger and builds relationship through visitations. We welcome donations of non-perishable food items.

Thrift Store
Offers new or gently-used items at a lower price for those in the community in store and additional sales. We welcome donations of items for sale as well.

Facility Rental
We offer short- or long-term rental solutions for the community with rooms from 280 sq ft to 6,800 sq ft in size at affordable rates.

Tax Clinic
Completes tax return service as part of Canada Revenue Agency program for individuals or families who are eligible for the free service during March and April.

Out of the Cold
Provides safe overnight shelter, warm meal and hospitality to the less fortunate one night per week over the winter months. Part of Mosaic Interfaith OOTC Program.

Cutural Cafe
Promotes dialogue and creativity through cultural performances and activities. Food and drinks are prepared by Joy Beyond Vision Community and their visually impaired staff.