105 Gibson Cultural Café promotes dialogue, creativity and celebrates cultures through food and beverages and events hosted by 105 Gibson Centre.

This café is operated by JBVC Café. It is a joint partnership between 105 Gibson Centre and Joy Beyond Vision Community, a non-profit organization serving the visually impared people (VIPs). The VIPs prepare delicious and healthy food and beverages (including their award-winning Hong Kong style milk tea) at the Café.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
First Saturday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

For curbside pick up (when you arrive): (647) 771-5282

Please use the North facing doors of the centre

105 Gibson Cultural Café Events

105 Gibson hosts events at the café regularly for the community to connect and promote dialogue on cultural diversity. Past event includes mini-concerts and Arts and Crafts Night.

Past Event: Paint Night

JBVC Cafe Logo

Part of JBVC’s objectives is to create volunteer and vocational training opportunities for their VIP members. The 105 Gibson Cultural Café provides unique and meaningful employment to the VIPs and help them regain independence and confidence, expand social circles and opportunities to contribute to the community.

What does it mean for the VIPs

  • Gaining hands-on experience in food preparation, customer service and business management;
  • Experience a supportive working and learning environment where visually impaired workers and sighted volunteers can work collaboratively;
  • Re-connect with the community through an inviting and understanding network.

What does it mean for the community at-large?

  • An opportunity to learn about challenges faced by VIPs
  • An increased awareness of the potential competencies of VIPs;
  • A powerful demonstration to potential employers that VIPs will enrich a workplace and that barriers can be overcome