Youth Services
We support and mentor youth in our neighborhood. We see the potential and capabilities in youth and believe they deserve a loving and supporting community to which they feel belonged. Therefore, we build this space for them where they can experience love, faith, and hope. Together with a series of multi-ethnic empowerment program, we hope to nurture these young men and women into outstanding world citizens with characters grounded in the image of Jesus Christ.
Young Lives Speak

Young Lives Speak is a collection of stories of young people in our Canadian multi-ethnic community. You went through highs and lows, you face the future with hopes and your stories spur others on. 

Stay tuned. Your lives speak. 

Strengthen Workshop for Young Adults

Have you ever wondered why you make certain choices? Why are you drawn to certain activities or subjects? IT’S THE STRENGTHS IN YOU!

Strengths Workshop for Young Adults helps you discover your strengths and apply them in daily living, study and career path finding with Cliftonstrengths.

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A Meal Together

Sharing food builds friendship! A free meal is offered to youths in our community along with sports and healthy activities. We hope the youth would see 105 Gibson Centre as a home where they can build friendship with others in the community.


We run every Thursday from 3:30 – 7:30 pm. Registration is required 24 hours before dinner, free of charge. Youth aged 14-22 are welcome!

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Youth Success Initiatives

Provides free tutorials for students from low-income families and new immigrants struggling to succeed in math, science and ESL in the Ontario high school curriculum.

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