We are here for you during COVID-19!

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every part of our daily lives. 105 Gibson Centre greets you with our blessings and wishes everyone well! 105 Gibson Centre has been closed to the public since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Yet we did not stop caring for the community. In fact, we

Thankful for the Unconditional Love

Nestor Lau Nestor’s positive attitude towards life is reflected in his zealous caring for his mother, who has diabetes and memory loss. Their physical, emotional and spiritual needs have been well met by 105 Gibson Centre’s Abundant Life Institute for the past 2 years and he is very grateful to every volunteer’s unconditional companionship and

Understanding my Mother

~ By Shen Wing Lui Shen Wing Lui has been an active participant of 105 Gibson’s Abundant Life Institute and hopes to be more involved with the Centre’s activities in the future. He moved to Toronto from New Brunswick in 2013 as he wanted to live closer to his mother and sister. He was introduced

The Fulfillment of Learning and Serving

Winston and his wife Ruby joined 105 Gibson’s Abundant Life Program (currently Abundant Life Institute) almost two years ago as they identified with 105 Gibson’s mission and decided to support the community by attending the classes here. While Winston enjoys tai chi classes, Ruby loves to attend line dancercise classes to stay healthy.  Winston is

Father – Son Learning Time

Cheung’s family is one of the few families in which two generations attend classes at 105 Gibson Centre together for one mutual interest – stay healthy.  Mr. Cheung Hin-Tung (the father) has poor vision and weak knees limiting his mobility and thus made it difficult for him to exercise. His son Edmund and his daughter-in-law Cordelia invited

A Wish to Nap Here

By Mrs. Siu Fei Tsui Mrs. Tsui is a 94 year old lady with small but intelligent eyes. Due to her weak hearing, our conversation was conducted by writing on paper. She is particularly fond of attending the medical and health talks at 105 Gibson Centre as she finds them very helpful and informational. She

What a beautiful summer!

By Mr. and Mrs. Chee-Tuk Law My wife and I immigrated to Toronto many years ago. Our children are now grownup and we have been retired for over 10 years. We live in east Scarborough, where public transportation is inconvenient and we do not drive. There is a cultural centre nearby, but we have not

Loving My Retirement

Donald originally came from Mangalore (formerly Mangaluru, “luru” meaning “place” in the Indian Kannada language) after studying law there and also living in Adu Dhabi for some time. 14 years ago he and his wife immigrated to Canada and settled down in Scarborough for their retirement life. She encouraged him to participate in more activities and