Nestor Lau

Nestor’s positive attitude towards life is reflected in his zealous caring for his mother, who has diabetes and memory loss. Their physical, emotional and spiritual needs have been well met by 105 Gibson Centre’s Abundant Life Institute for the past 2 years and he is very grateful to every volunteer’s unconditional companionship and support.

In 2017, a friend told him that 105 Gibson offered many activities for the elderly and he enrolled his mother in the Brain Beat Dance class. She is an introvert, but slowly became more cheerful because of the warm hospitality and proactive care of the volunteers. She participated in the Spring Passion Summer Camp for two years. At that time, she needed regular injections because of diabetes and worried about not being able to attend. Fortunately, Gloria, an ALI volunteer who was a nurse, helped to support his mother, so that she could have a rich and joyful summer camp and gained treasurable friendships.

Nestor often talks about Elizabeth because of her spiritual care, friendly visits at times when his mother was emotionally unstable, and concerns about his health.  He gained strength and comfort from her. She also introduced his mother to ALI’s Friday activities, where his mother opened her heart and knew God. Nestor was also helped by Dr. David Wong, where he learned to ease his mother’s feelings and de-stress himself as a caregiver. He thanks every volunteer who cares about them, accepts them with love and allows him to experience the unconditional love in faith