Activities & Programs Schedule

We support and mentor youth in our neighborhood. We see the potential and capabilities in youth and believe they deserve a loving and supporting community to which they feel belonged. Therefore, we build this space for them where they can experience love, faith, and hope. Together with a series of multi-ethnic empowerment program, we hope to nurture these young men and women into outstanding world citizens with characters grounded in the image of Jesus Christ.

Career Pathway Series

The Career Pathway Series is designed for university and college students and graduates to build community and interact with HR specialists and Professionals on their job search needs during the new normal. Interactive workshops, young job seekers community and one-on-one clinic are offered.

NPower Canada Info Session Poster for Oct 6, 2021.

nPower Canada info Session for Free IT Programs

NPower Canada is pleased to offer youth 17-30 an opportunity to gain FREE IT training with job placement. Learn about our youth programs that offer IT and soft skills training.

Strengths Workshop for Young Adults

Have you ever wondered… Why do you make certain choices? Why are you drawn to certain activities or subjectS? Answer: You lean towards your Strengths!

Young Lives Speak

Young Lives Speak is a collection of stories of young people in our Canadian multi-ethnic community. You went through highs and lows, you face the future with hopes and your stories spur others on.


Stay tuned. Your lives speak.

Youth Services (Under Age 19)

Welcome to the place where you belong. We’re a place where you are known, cared for, and encouraged as you navigate high school and being a teenager. You belong.