Volunteers participated in a labyrinth activity on April 6 and meditated on their volunteer experience at 105 Gibson Centre based on questions about friendship, volunteering, community, center of our energy source, compassion, needy, journey, hope and receiving stranger.

It was the first time they have tried this type of activity and this is some of their reflections:

A very nice experience. A nice way of thinking about community works! I have compassion for people in need because I feel this pain and helplessness. I always want to help to make them feel better emotionally and physically. Today I learned a broader way of services with love, faith and belief, not only with pity and compassion. When building the community, the benefits are not only going to the people in need, but go to all the people that surrounding the community.

The labyrinth is a good experience allowing me to comprehend more about serving as a volunteer. It is the love of God that teaches me how to love others in His way.

This activity gave me time to reflect on some things – we tend to go about our daily life without taking time to pause and reflect. This was overall a good experience for me.

Very nice reminder for this good information about life and values; as a Christian for over 40 years, it is easy to forget the importance of sharing our experience from God to our beloved relatives and friends. Thanks for encouraging me to be more passionate in helping our community.