NewsletterMy 105 Gibson Newsletter Header 2020 October Issue

Wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and taking online classes…The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it – changes that seemed rather frustrating at the beginning but have gradually become a kind of ‘new normal’ in life. The 105 Gibson Centre has also made corresponding changes to fit into the this new normal.


New Curriculum, Connect Hearts

At the outbreak of COVID-19, 105 Gibson Centre suspended all the classes from mid-March to April. However, in May, we launched 10 free online classes, including youth services, community classrooms and Abundant Life Institute; plus ALI Talk on “Precautionary measures for cardiac patients during the pandemic” by Dr. Chi-Ming Chow.

Starting from June, the Centre offered more online classes, some at reduced fees. Both children and adults could then enjoy these additional activities at home. In July and August, the Centre successfully organized 28 online courses, while the Abundant Life Institute organized 8 online ALI Talks.

We are overwhelmed with joy to find that our online programs have reached beyond Scarborough and Markham to other cities, from Vancouver to Montreal! Although we cannot meet with each other in person, we have successfully used the new technology to connect us all!

From September to December, we are offering classes on-site and online while doing our best to provide a safe environment for all participants.


New System, Connect Minds

Even though 105 Gibson Centre has scaled back operations for a few months, we continue to find innovative ways to serve our community. In August, we launched a new IT system, a one-stop-shop concept, which provides not only a simple way to register for classes, but also facilitates other services in one go. It is a reliable system to track registrations and manage activities at your own convenience. The new interface offers a comprehensive and enhanced user experience right at your fingertips.


New Hotline, Love Connects

For our Food Bank clients, we have adopted new practices of “Door to Door delivery” and “Curb side pick-up ” to serve them during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the Centre has launched a “Free COVID-19 Counselling Helpline” to help those suffering from emotional stress during the pandemic. While we practice social distancing, we continue to reach out to anyone in need. We are united in the bond of love beyond boundaries.

Although the pandemic has changed our daily routine, our priority in serving our community will not change. We strive to help the needy and fill our community with the love of Jesus.


The new normal changes everything; our vision remains.