What’s New at the Centre Now?

Since 2013, 105 Gibson Centre has been serving the community with diversified services with aims to address physical, emotional and physical needs. The COVID-19 pandemic response forced us to close in mid-March and has since greatly impacted the Centre’s operations and finances. We are currently providing only two essential services by appointments through Food Bank

We are here for you during COVID-19!

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every part of our daily lives. 105 Gibson Centre greets you with our blessings and wishes everyone well! 105 Gibson Centre has been closed to the public since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Yet we did not stop caring for the community. In fact, we

New Culture. New Friends. New Family

~By Virginia I witnessed a drastic change in my nephew Kenny’s life during the three years he joined the 105 Gibson’s Youth Services A Meal Together program. Born in Shanghai, Kenny was educated in an international school with his younger brother and grew up with two nannies at home. This “western” and luxurious upbringing had

The Beauty of Reciprocal Appreciation

By Amy Chui While most of 105 Gibson’s programs run year-round, the Tax Clinic opens only from March to April – the shortest of any programs at the Centre. Yet, its history is longer than the Centre itself. It began when 12 volunteers from the Toronto Christian Community Church’s English congregation spearheaded the tax clinic

Receiving and Offering Support

Lily volunteers at the Tax Clinic and she shares her story from receiving help to offering help. She came to Canada in 2010 and had few friends here. She encountered difficulties in coping with the new environment and studies, thus her depression worsened and she required medication and counselling. Her life turned around when she

Never the Same Again

Tiffany was frustrated and unhappy when she and her family immigrated to Toronto five years ago from China. She found it very difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle, culture and language. She had trouble keeping up at school and could not make new friends. Distressed, she even wanted to return to China. But she

Out of the Comfort Zone

Konichiwa! Bonjour! Harrison, an exuberant 18-year old, playfully greets others at 105 Gibson Centre. He is active and sporty, with basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball and pingpong on his schedule. But his real love is acting, photography and videography – two years ago he had even produced a video for A Meal Together where he felt