Our Founder

Rev. Dr. Harding NG, the founder of 105 Gibson Centre, would like to welcome you to the Centre’s services and programs with the warmest of heart. The idea and passion of serving the needy in the community in a holistic way was seeded long ago when Rev. Ng was still a medical doctor. He understood not just the physical needs but also the emotional and spiritual needs of his many patients in Toronto. He later responded to the calling of God to quit his medical profession and to enter pastoral ministry at the Toronto Christian Community Church (TCCC), to which he later became the senior pastor. Under his leadership, he promoted and guided the church community to get involved in helping the homeless people, the drug addicts and opened the church premises for a variety of outreach programs.

In 2010, he received a vision to start a Christian faith-based community centre. After many prayers with the leaders, the Toronto Christian Community Church purchased the 47,000 sq. feet warehouse adjacent to the church, and turned it into a platform for holistic outreach and social concern, helping the needy and less fortunate people with diverse holistic programs and services. Among the many people groups he felt for, he once noticed that some seniors had nothing to occupy their time but were bused to the casinos and lost the money they had saved all their lives. The Centre would provide space and programs and become a second home to care for local residents and neglected people groups like the seniors. Rev. Ng firmly believes that the mission of the Centre is to respond to the command of Jesus, to love our neighbours as ourselves and to be the salt and light of the world so that people can glorify the heavenly Father through the good deeds of His people.