It has been a wonderful six years in which I was in the role of General Director for 105 Gibson Centre and many things have changed. The greatest change I saw over the years is how the Centre has matured with respect to its liveliness, level of services and operations, user visits and even our confidence.

Today, the Centre is serving a wider demographics of people who come with a sense of familiarity, friendliness and belonging. They even invite their friends to come as well. Staff and volunteers serve these visitors tirelessly and joyfully. More services have been introduced and the Centre’s space is utilized in a much more efficient manner.

Looking back, I wished I had given more time to the staff team. As my concern was with the Centre’s service growth and other priorities for the community. I wished there was more laughter, fun and team building. We did hold staff retreats but I wished we had spent more time together.

I pray that the Centre will become capable to respond to the needs of the community and be able to make transformational changes to the community through holistic services as we had set out to do six years ago. I also pray that the Centre will be able to re-examine our six ministries and to build the synergism required to respond to the needs in the community in the context of its changing demographic characteristics.

by Rev. Jonathan Chan

Former General Director, 105 Gibson Centre