Students are matched with a tutor based on grade and area of focus. Depending on the dynamics and number of available tutors, students with similar needs may be grouped,

If your student would benefit from one-on-one, please specify on registration.



Students are expected to communicate their absence to tutors by Thursday evening. They are expected to send questions through Discord in preparation of their session. If students do not show up for 3 sessions in a row and do not communicate their reason, the tutoring registrationis cancelled.



After initial introduction to the program, students are expected to communicate directly to their tutors using Discord.


Upon registration, students will choose one time slot. They will stay with this time slot for the entire year unless alternate arrangements are made. Free WIFI is available for students to use and they are encouraged to bring laptops. Students must bring any textbooks and materials they are working on.

Students will be connected to the 105 Gibson Youth Discord Server. They will have a secure text channel with their tutor. They will be able to communicate with their tutor outside of their tutoring time to send questions in preparation for their session.