Ray Lee

Finding our way in this world is not easy. It can be by a lot of trial and error, working our way through other people’s obligations on us while trying to discover our own passions and talents. It may be a process of trying to make sense out of all the voices in our heads. These voices may be conflicting too, so we can get confused, bogged down, or even depressed from not making progress in our lives. This is the normal process of maturity or adulating as some like to call it. It is a process of trying to find oneself, and in doing so, discover one’s internal voice in the midst of everyone else’s voice.

This process of discovery is not an easy task. It often takes years, if not decades. It may be out of our control too. It may require us to uproot what we hold dear or familiar. It may require us to leave our place of comfort, often reluctantly. Or it may have the positive benefit of leading us to a place of relief because we can say finally I know who I am becoming to be.

God has a wonderful way of directing this maturing process. He allows us to experience the ups and downs in life, so he could lead everything to his good purpose. As we begin to understand our way, we can remember “it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose” (Philippians 2:13). When we ask God to direct us, he not only answers our prayer and fills us with a longing, discovery, and fulfillment for what’s good, what’s noble, what’s right, what’s pure, lovely and admirable, he also fulfills his good purpose through us. How wonderful is that!

As you read in this newsletter about Jenny, Richard and Sylvia, you’ll find this journey of discovery happens for all of us.  We can be sure though, every step of the journey is worthwhile and enriching for our growth. No experience is wasted in the eyes of God. He can turn our past wins and losses to his good purpose when we allow him. When we begin to let go and let God into our lives to guide our path and our experiences, we begin to find our way in this world.