In the past, our community had welcomed many new users into our midst. Each person has a different story. How did they find their community here?

Jack, who uses our Food Bank, also played basketball in our gym where he met new friends. Together, they formed a basketball league and entered into a competition in which they won a prize!

May, who has mobility and eyesight issues, would usually spend her day at home. But at the Centre, she found a group of friends who faced similar problems and they encouraged her to be strong and to participate more in our older adult programs!

Many Syrian families attended our Arabian Cultural Night. Surrounded by people from a similar background, those who are usually quiet became jubilant and excited! They proudly presented their music, dance and cultural activities with others who are not from that culture.

Regardless of what your circumstances are, we strive to a welcoming community for you, a place where you can experience joy, acceptance, safety and belonging. Visit today and see how you can join one of our many programs!