40 Hours and Beyond Jan 2024 Poster

What is 40 Hours and Beyond

40 Hours and Beyond is a volunteering program for youth to understand who you are, improve your skillsets, be involved in team work and explore the topics related to the theme of your team. You are encouraged to try different initiatives under the guidance of the team’s coach and your teammates’ agreement. Volunteering can be fun, educational, creative and contributing to the society. You will also learn leadership skills in decision making. Join us and enjoy the process together!


How it Works

After registration, you’ll receive information to join the Discord server. This is where all communication will happen. Students are required to have a mic and use it during online meetings.

In the Meet and Greet, students will pick a team for your volunteering experience and meet your coach and teammates. The topics of the teams will be announced in the Meet and Greet. Students are responsible for signing up based on their interests and abilities, showing up on time, and letting us know of any absences. Besides the major team volunteering experience, we will announce at Discord when there are other volunteering opportunities available.

We encourage the projects to be done creatively either in person or online. Outdoor activities are welcome under reasonable weather.

At the end of the term, all the teams are joining the celebration to present your work and share your experience. Let’s appreciate the efforts made by ourselves and others!


Commitment and Support

The number of hours earned depends on the team’s decision on the number of events you are going to run and therefore the meetings before and after. Your coach is open to talk with you on your volunteering experience, your joy, struggles and aspiration about the future.


Volunteering Hours Signage

During the term of 40 Hours and Beyond, students are to keep a log of your volunteering hours. At the end of the term, you are to verify the hours with your coach and Youth Services is to sign the community involvement hours form provided by your school after the verification.