105 Gibson Staff

Jonathan Chan, General Director of 105 Gibson Centre
Also known as “Mr. Gibson”, Jonathan is fascinated by the lovely neighborhood where 105 Gibson is located, where the south edge of Markham meets the north of Scarborough with lots of newcomers, the fabric of our future. Jonathan has been a teacher and a pastor in Hong Kong and Canada for the last twenty years. To him, being able to serve is a blessing and to follow the example of Jesus showing open arms to the neighbors is even more exciting.


Monica Chan, Director of Older Adult Services
Before joining the 105 Gibson Team, Monica had been a cross-cultural missionary, leading an international church planting team among the Japanese for 10 years and was a chaplain in nursing homes for 11 years later on in Toronto. During that period of time, Monica worked closely with older adults and has grown a deep affection for them. In view of the great demand, she believes that serving older adults at 105 Gibson will be a blessing to the whole community through helping the seniors and their families.


Sophia Chan, Director of Youth Services
As the Director of Youth Services at 105 Gibson Centre, Sophia believes that young people are given with a reservoir of talents and dreams. Her goal is to get to know the young people in the community, journey with them and witness their progress of engaging in their vocation with contribution to society. She hopes that 105 Gibson Centre will serve as a home where they experience love, faith, and hope, and would be nurtured to become world citizens.


Samanthis Chan, Operations Manager
Samanthis is the Operations Manager of 105 Gibson Centre. Her years of experience in international organizations as well as other non-profit organizations have equipped her to serve here. She hopes her administrative experiences can help contribute to the Centre and serve more people in need.



Ray Lee, Community Services Manager
Ray is fascinated with what happens when two people meet in true community. He has worked with homeless and street-involved youth in Toronto, spending days and nights with them, participating in weekly outreach and directing the program. As our Community Services Manager, his portfolio oversees three major ministries: Community Classroom, Community Needs and Cultural Cafe. While not working, he practices his counselling skills as he cultivates toward a registered psychotherapist designation. He loves to engage over meals, cycling and the outdoors.


Enoch Chan, Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator
Enoch brings more than 10 years of graphic design experience and serving seniors from working with multiple non-profit organizations. He has a passion of meeting people and bringing their stories to life through photos and videos. His role at 105 Gibson combines his passion and skills to further our marketing needs. He enjoys visual arts, photography, videography and music.



Andrew Cheung, Youth Services Coordinator
Andrew recently graduated from the Bachelor of Religious Education program at Tyndale College University and Seminary. He has a heart for youth and is passionate about his calling to serve and journey alongside them. Andrew strongly believes in community and relationships and sees 105 Gibson as the platform to reach into the neighborhood physically, mentally and spiritually.



Sandy Lam, Volunteer Coordinator
Sandy brings a versatile skillset and strategic outlook from many years of experience in the financial, telecom, and retail industries. She is excited about the development of Volunteer Services and to be able to help people build new possibilities, be happy and realize their potential. Sandy feels privileged to be able to support and serve the people in our community at 105 Gibson. ​


Vida Lee, Hospitality Coordinator
Vida has been the face of our reception since 2014, welcoming every user with a big warm smile.  Whether it is a question on our programs or facility rental, she always has the answer and is ready to provide assistance.  Rumour has it that she remember the names of all our users (3,000+ of them), come see for yourself whether it’s true or not!


Po Chan, Hospitality Coordinator
Po comes from an IT background and also likes to interact with people. Having the opportunity to support Centre’s operations from a technical perspective while serving the community and sharing life experience in Jesus is his dream come true.



Ada Lau, Hospitality Coordinator
Ada worked in an administrative role in a church in Hong Kong prior to coming to Toronto. She had enjoyed various volunteer roles in 105 Gibson Centre before becoming a Hospitality Coordinator here. In addition to introducing our programs to our users, her desire is to introduce Jesus to our visitors.



Timothy Kwok, Event and Program Coordinator
Timothy is a young energetic member of the team serving the community with a passion for people. He hopes that 105 Gibson Centre becomes a hub where ideas and beliefs turn to action. May his contagious energy bring joy to your visits!