Willy Sun

Retired. I was a Senior Manager of a network engineering department in a large telecommunication company for 10+ years. Passionate about the following at my workplace: Develop high performance team through mentoring, coaching and leadership development Improve work effectiveness and efficiency through the practice of LEAN and Agile Involved with many interns from the CareerEdge

William Lam

William has been a MD since 1992 and worked in ER for 20 years. Retired for 10 years, currently volunteering in addiction centres, Out of the Cold, Toronto Christian community Church, 105 Gibson Centre, BSF, Canada, Water Ambassadors Canada Area of expertise: medicine/ER/to lesser extent, nursing

John Wong

John is the President of Luuminate Inc., a business consulting company with special focus on Education, Health, and Social Responsibility. John is the Academic Program Manager (Business Studies) for Seneca College’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Training. He manages over 80 business programs and a team of professors. John also teaches course Ethics and Social

Crystal Tse

Crystal has been an Occupational Therapist since 2003 and is currently working in an acute care hospital. She is specialized in Geriatric and Mental Health populations. She also worked in a Long Term Care Facility Activation department to organize and implement activities for the residents. Before that, she was a Social Worker in Hong Kong

Louis Tong

Louis is an engineering director in an international computer company with over 35 years of engineering and management experience in the high tech industry. He experienced working with engineers from many countries, with >25 years of hiring and interviewing experience. Area of expertise: electrical/computer engineering; computer science

Mei Wang

Mei is a senior digital lighting artist, currently she is leading the lighting department on an upcoming cartoon series for HBO. With 9 years of experience on both TV productions and feature films, she has the in-depth knowledge that can help you navigating through the starting time in the digital media industry in Toronto. Area