Welcome to Space105.


More than just a venue, Space105 is a dynamic and inclusive platform designed to foster creativity, understanding, and engagement with a rich tapestry of cultural practices. Our intentional design showcases diverse traditions, with a café that offers a cozy spot for connections. Join us for visual arts, performances, and inclusive programs that empower communities and foster innovation.


We invite you to explore, create, and celebrate at Space105.

Community Engagement

Serving as a vibrant hub, we foster engagement in culture, arts, and heritage through workshops, discussions, and collaborative projects.

Unity in Diversity

Our curated programming appeals broadly, fostering unity and cultivating appreciation for the diverse tapestry within our community.

Creativity and Innovation

Encouraging innovation, we encourage the fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, driving the evolution of cultural practices.


Dedicated to visual arts, live performances, and educational workshops, our versatile venue caters to a broad spectrum of artistic and intellectual pursuits.


Explore our diverse lineup of events, from thought-provoking showcases to engaging workshops and live performances, all while savoring the warm atmosphere at our on-site cafe.

Creation Care

Arabian Fridays

@stage Lunchtime Performances

Audition for @Stage

Green for Gibson