We are committed to provide high-quality care services to the local, and especially for the vulnerable and those in need.

This is our final building expansion project which will help improve health and quality of life for our users in the community we serve.

Fundraising Goal

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Health and Wellness Clinic

3,500 sq ft is designated for the new Health and Wellness Clinic. New services will include massage therapy, dental, optical, pharmaceutical and dietitian consultations.


Centre-wide soundproofing will provide an enhanced user experience, more privacy and a less distracting work environment particularly for the visually impaired staff at the Cultural Café.

Green Initiatives

We will continue to incorporate greening solutions. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

Together we can make an impact.

Thank you for the support from Project SPOTLIGHT.

Partner with us … From minor to major gift

Partner with us to support the Phase 3 Expansion Project. Your support help us to build a better community.

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