105 Gibson Centre – Phase 3 Expansion Project


“Mental illness often sets in long before adulthood…overall, the peak age of onset was 14.5 years…” as research continues to develop there is a demand and increase for both health and mental health services. At 105 Gibson Centre, there are 5000 sq ft of space that are to be developed. We hope to use the space that echoes the needs of our community. It’s our 3rd and final building expansion project to create a dedicated Health Services area for counselling, Tele-Rehab, restorative health in meditation and medical consultation clinic. It potentially will extend to include dental, optical, pharma, dietician consultations. In this final stage, we will also undergo some inclusive design piece, such as soundproofing and environmentally friendly infrastructure.


Phase 3 Expansion Project

  1. Holistic health intake by providing a community-focused, accessible, integrated, language-appropriate counselling and initial access to health services
  2. Centre-wide soundproofing retrofits
  3. Environmentally friendly infrastructure

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