Covid-19 Free Counselling Helpline

Covid-19 Free Counselling Helpline

COVID-19 has certainly brought sudden changes to our lives. We do not lack stories of people who struggle from:


  • Financial hardships due to loss of income;
  • Being home-bound in self-isolation;
  • Fearing the uncertainty and anxiety for what may be next, how it may affect graduation or university applications;
  • Concerns about existing health issues and increased vulnerability to COVID-19;
  • Feeling stressed at home with children;
  • Questioning God about His existence and presence.


Even though 105 Gibson Centre has stopped operations now, we continue to find innovative ways to serve you with the compassion and hope of Jesus. We have launched a Counselling Helpline to help you through this time. If you feel anxious or fearful or emotionally or mentally frail at this moment due to COVID-19, you can call our helpline. Our professionally trained counsellors will offer an one-time session to assist you to relieve and reduce emotional stress. This is FREE OF CHARGE.


105 Gibson Counselling Helpline (FREE)

Phone: 647.918.1205 (SMS, WhatsApp or voice message)


WeChat ID: counselling105Gibson


Please leave us a text or voice message along with your name and contact phone number. We will respond in one business day.


Even though we are practicing social distancing now, I want you to know help is within reach. Stay calm, stay informed and stay connected. We will keep you posted of updates on our website and social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).



COVID-19 免費輔導熱線




  • 因損失收入而造成的財務困難;
  • 因自我隔離而不能外出;
  • 對不知未來會發生什麼事而感到焦慮,不知會怎樣影響畢業或申請大學;
  • 擔心現有的健康問題及更容易受到COVID-19影響;
  • 在家照顧孩子時感到壓力重重;
  • 對上帝的存在及同在感到懷疑。


雖然105 Gibson 中心現階段停止服務 ,中心仍會尋找創新的方法,並繼續以耶穌的慈憐與希望為你服務。 現在中心增設了一條輔導熱線。如你因COVID-19而感到焦慮恐懼情緒或精神困擾,你可致電此輔導熱線。我們的專業輔導員可透過一次會談助你減輕及舒緩情緒。這服務是免費的。