I borrow this title and content from the famous author, professor and theologian, Henri Nouwen, who spent much of his life’s efforts rooted in spirituality, community and social justice. In a book by the same name that was transcribed after his informal address to Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service Foundation, he talked about fundraising as central to the work of the church because it is a way to invite others in, to partake in the mission and vision set before them. It is a joining of those who seek funds and those with funds to experience a transformative journey of togetherness as they are led by God to do new things through collaboration.

Fundraising then invites all to a new way of relating to their resources. It is transformative when the fundraiser seeks to bless the giver by inviting him/her into the partnership and the giver seeks to experience God’s blessing in a whole different way. The blessedness comes not only from the partnership, but from those whom they minister and the connections of life that brings. Our security then rests in something more grounded and permanent. Our earthly security and power would come, not from our resources, but from the spiritual security and power of God himself as we communion together on a journey of faith with Him.

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, our Centre’s needs are huge. May I invite you to join our mission to bless those whom we serve and in turn be blessed by their joys? May we all be transformed by this experience of giving and receiving.

Prayer items:

  • May our sense of safety rest in God and may many people put their trust in Him during this time as we remember to share His peace and kindness with those around us.
  • May our front-line workers in the medical and supermarket communities remain safe. They have families to take care of too.
  • May those who have a difficult time adjusting to the new reality find the resources and help they need to focus on what they can control instead of what they cannot.