The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. 105 Gibson Centre will continue to do our best to follow the policies and guidelines set by the government. However, 105 Gibson Centre cannot guarantee that those entering the building or participating in any activities will not become infected with COVID-19. If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms (common symptoms include but are not limited to: fever, dry, cough, tiredness) not related to other known causes or conditions you already have, please stay home.

September 2021, 105 Gibson Centre Arrangement

Effective Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, the Ontario government will require Ontarians to be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) and provide proof of vaccination along with ID to access certain public settings. As 105 Gibson Centre is an indoor facility that hosts a large variety of activities that are considered higher risk, we will be following this regulation. Under the new regulation, 105 Gibson Centre will enact the following arrangements:


Program and Service Impact:

  • All visitors entering the centre must be fully vaccinated, this includes but is not limited to: instructors and students of classes, sports participants, all renters and their participants, and volunteers.
  • Those of who whom are unable to continue with their classes, sport program, or rental should contact us as soon as possible for a resolution.
  • The thrift store, as a retail store, is exempt from this new regulation.
  • Essential services such as our Food Bank and Health services are exempted, but will continue to serve clients online at this time and by curbside pick-up.
  • Visitors unable to produce proof of vaccination or doctor’s note for medical exemption will be refused access to our facility.
  • Children 11 years of age and younger, unable to be vaccinated will be exempted. Youth under 18 years of age participating in organized sports are also exempted.
  • A screening station will be setup at our main entrance, we ask all visitors to have their proof ready to be checked to help expedite the process. Visitors who are unable to produce proof of vaccination will unfortunately be denied access to our facility.

This new regulation will add a level of inconvenience, but we hope that this hurdle does not detract from our ability to continue serving our community. We will amend and update our screening process, when possible, to cause minimize any disruption for our guests.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or 905-946-8787.

105 Gibson Centre