Activities & Programs Schedule

Welcome to the place where you belong. We’re a place where you are known, cared for, and encouraged as you navigate high school and being a teenager. You belong.

High School G9-12 Free Tutoring

Free tutoring in ESL, Maths & Sciences.

High School Leadership Influencers Program

This program focuses on intentional leadership building.

Community Nights

After school drop-in programs, free dinners & community groups.

40 Hours & Beyond

A volunteer program to assist high school students (Grade 9 – 12) in completing community service hours while exploring who they are, relating to others, and gain job experience.

Young Adult Services (Age 19 – 29)

You are welcome to join our community to explore your strengths and career path directions, engage in an eco-friendly lifestyle and be a community member contributing to your own and others’ growth!