Reflections from Spring Passion Summer Camp 2017

Mou-Ying Chan, Camp Participant

Mrs. Mou-Ying Chan puts on a broad smile as she passionately shows me around 105 Gibson Centre. Mou-Ying has familiarized herself in just six weeks after joining the Spring Passion Senior Summer Camp. Immigrated to Toronto 30 years ago, she lives in leisure after having brought up her children as well as grandchildren. She spends her time watching TV at home, not going out much, until her daughter’s former colleague invited her to the Senior Camp.

Among all the activities, she enjoys Praise Dance the most as she exercises while listening to inspirational hymns and draws herself closer to the Christian faith. She has learned to give thanks often from the Senior Camp.

She loves the many group activities and extended her special thanks to Pastor Monica and all the volunteers involved for their warm welcome and detailed organization. Clearly, Mou-Ying had a wonderful summer at 105 Gibson!

Mr. and Mrs. Law, Camp Participants



Mrs. Tsui, Camp Participant

Mrs. Tsui is a 94 year old lady with small but intelligent eyes. Due to her weak hearing, our conversation was conducted by writing on paper. She is particularly fond of attending the medical and health talks at 105 Gibson Centre as she finds them very helpful and informational. She often leaves home at 9 am and stays at the Centre for activities until well after 4 pm. Feeling tired from going out for such long time, she seriously wishes the Centre has a place for her to nap!

Praise Dance is her favourite exercise here. Singing hymns while dancing brings her great peace and joy. She greatly appreciates all the volunteers at the Centre for their loving care, and the staffs for their efficiency in organizing the programs and activities. Having been a Christian for more than 60 years, Mrs. Tsui is most enthusiastic to share her faith with her friends. It is really amazing to see her in high spirits and her eyes shining with joy whenever she talks about her faith!