Adam is the Youth Ministry leader at the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto.  Years ago, they had an idea for an outreach project using sports as a basis, but as a smaller church, they did not have a space that was large enough to play sports.  Hence, they started to search for gyms that were available for rental but encountered many closed doors as many facilities had been booked years in advance.  Adam’s wife introduced him to 105 Gibson Centre in 2017 and was able to secure a gym rental here for a monthly Saturday sports and children’s program. 

Even though the Japanese have established a tight community in Toronto, there are no sports facilities for their community. As time went by, Adam realized that using sports as a means to reach out to Japanese families was very effective and they were able to connect with non-Christian families too.

Currently they have 15 – 20 children and adults from different parts of GTA come and participate in their outreach program and thus enjoy their family time together. Adam is grateful for the space which 105 Gibson has provided, which is a substantial factor in making the outreach program happen.

Looking ahead, let us offer a helping hand and walk a tiny mile with those in need.

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