By Thrift Store Donor

My wife and I ended our jewelry business and planned to return to Hong Kong. We contacted multiple organizations hoping they would accept our shelves and jewelry as donations. We waited for a long time for them to return our calls as we had nowhere to bring the jewelry. Time was becoming tight for us. We became anxious to a point where we argued about where to donate the jewelry that was in the car. We decided to ask 105 Gibson if they would receive our jewelry too. To our delight, they acknowledged their quality and gladly welcomed them into the Thrift Store. This was an affirmation that our jewelry was worthy for sale and our business was not a failure even though we had to close it. More importantly, this eliminated the stress of finding a new home for them before our departure. While for 105 Gibson, we are donors who contributed to and supported the Thrift Store. But for us, we are the ones being helped, the beneficiary of their acceptance and embrace.

We named our business Rejoice, hoping to share Jesus’ joy with our customers because of God’s love for us. We are also reminded by a sign at our church’s parking lot exit that says “You are now entering the mission field. Serve Him well.” We are thankful that our jewelry can fulfill the same purpose beyond our business in bringing joy to others through the Thrift Store. May God’s name be praised!

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