Are there washrooms?

There will be no portable washroom on the site but there is a plaza at Tower Hill and Yonge with a Canadian Tire, and other stores with washroom facilities (an approximate 10-minute walk).

Where is the planting site?

The planting location is at Saigeon Trail, 37 Moraine Ridge Drive, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4S8. Access to the planting site is located between #37 and #39 Moraine Ridge Drive. Click here to see the site location at Google Map Link:

Is parking available?

Yes. Parking is available along Moraine Ridge Drive and Jonah Drive. Participants adhere to all parking protocols (e.g. do not block driveways and make efforts to keep to one side of the street). Since parking spot is limited, carpooling is highly recommended.

What will be provided?

TRCA will provide the following: All equipment including but not limited to: shovels, extractagators, loppers, pruners, hand saws, ear plugs (for protection against staff using post pounders), cleanup equipment, etc. Safety talk upon arrival Instruction on equipment use Training on identifying invasive vegetation to be removed from the site Water and a light snack First…