By Tina

My initial motivation to volunteer at A Meal Together was a simple heart to help others. As time went by, I actually found myself becoming a beneficiary and have gained much more than I have given.

I am an introvert and building relationships is not my strength. Yet my heart yearns to connect deeper with the youth as I learn more about them. Many of them have little family time as their parents work seven days a week. As their friend, I encourage them to explore the world and discover the activities that interest them.

Also as an introvert, I rarely share my thoughts and tend to keep my emotions to myself. In A Meal Together, I see my role as a big sister with the responsibility to protect the youth. They have given me the courage to be more vocal, to rebuke and to stand up for the good of them.

I never imagined myself volunteering in the same area for longer than three years, as I rather explore something new. But three years have passed and I have a greater heart to deepen the relationship with them. I am thankful for this volunteer opportunity because the youth have built me up and made the impossible possible!

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