By Pastor Jackie Sheridan, Toronto Christian Community Church

While families were preparing to sit down with loved ones and gorge on roasted turkey meals, giving thanks for the many blessings they enjoyed throughout the year, there are many in our community who rely on the generosity of others to provide meals to sustain their families. Typically, December has been the month when people, inspired by Christmas sentiments of goodwill, delve deeper into their pockets and generously stock the shelves for those less fortunate.

Although this generosity is always welcomed, it should be noted that caring for the needy should not be relegated to a specific season, but lived as a way of life. Those volunteering in the 105 Gibson food bank would have all their prayers answered if we donate on a regular basis. As the English Congregation pastors counted the substantial donations given each week by the congregation and praised God for transforming the once empty shelves into a pantry, we gave thanks for those who responded to the invitation.

The Bible teaches us that we should love others as Jesus has loved us. We are privileged to have this opportunity to care for those in need by showing the love of Jesus in practical ways. It is our hope that others will feel encouraged to consistently support the amazing work of the food bank.

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