~ by Yee Lee Hung

Being a mom of three young boys, I often need to find ways to teach them about sharing God’s love with others. Through Lok Ping, my husband and I learned about how people use the Food Bank services at 105 Gibson Centre, and we shared these stories with our children.

When our eldest son Micah turned 7 years old, we suggested to him that in lieu of gifts, we could ask his family members and friends for food donations towards the food bank. We also requested certain foods so that the clients’ specific diet needs would be met. We have kept this tradition for four years now, and people have become more generous over time.

Micah has always been a responsible person. But now, he places the focus not on himself but on others; and he has learned to give than to receive. He is also setting a good example for his two younger brothers, Timothy and Jesse.  Now they all have food drives, as they understand that birthdays are not all about themselves.  They are more than content just having presents-free birthday parties with family and friends.

We live such a privileged life in Canada and we can easily forget about what others have gone through in their home countries. I pray that my children will be able to involve themselves in more than just the food drive stage of the entire process. Perhaps by sorting food and actually meeting food bank clients and listening to their stories, they can better understand poverty on a global scale and even more importantly, share God’s love with those whom we do not see.   

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