How does a place become “good”? Is it by its geographical location? Or by the activities that happen there? Or by the people who gather there? And what makes a person “good”? By their background? Or by what they do?

105 Gibson Centre’s Cultural Café ministry strives to be a place where the community can gather to experience the rich cultural diversity that exists in our midst. We have been making an impact primarily from a Chinese perspective through Friday Night café concerts and the food prepared and served by Joy Beyond Vision Community staff. These concerts showcase local musical talents performing in Cantonese, English or Mandarin songs.

We see a rise in the percentage of non-Chinese users. How do we promote a cross-cultural experience among them? We plan to intentionally celebrate and appreciate cultural diversity and creativity. This cultural diversity can be represented by a different ethnic group or a different form of artistic culture such as performing arts, visual arts or literary arts that can express our creativity.

One element will be common to all Café events, regardless of the event type or the cultural group engaged. We want to share positive stories to encourage and inspire our audience.  We thank those courageous ones who are willing to share their stories with others.

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