By Rev. Jonathan Chan

After four years in operations, 105 Gibson currently has 20 core staff and volunteers serving as ministry leads and support. This group is diverse in talents, skills, perspective and background, unity in vision, mission and love for our neighbours. Working as a diversified team has not always been easy.

We attended a 2-day retreat in September in order to establish a means of working towards a common goal. Dr. Philemon Choi, who used to head up one of the largest Christian organizations in Hong Kong and experienced with leading spiritual retreats, was with us to guide us in team building and prayers.

We also studied Biblical lessons about community from two perspectives. First, we are a community of like-minded people willing to serve. Second, it is the geographical community of Markham and Scarborough where we serve. It is only when we understand each other and these two perspectives that we can carry out our mission to serve the locals and those in needs, and to show them the compassion and hope of Jesus.

Our team was immensely edified through prayers and open discussions. We reflected and honestly shared our thoughts on Dr. Choi’s messages; we learned to be more forthcoming about our feelings. After two relaxing days of contemplating, our team became more bonded and stronger in spirit.

Our mission will become fruitful when a deep sense of unity springs from our inner self to within our team and ultimately upward to Jesus. This is how we started four years ago and it is only through nurturing this community of united people that 105 Gibson can become a second home to those in our neighbouring communities.

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