Cheung’s family is one of the few families in which two generations attend classes at 105 Gibson Centre together for one mutual interest – stay healthy.  Mr. Cheung Hin-Tung (the father) has poor vision and weak knees limiting his mobility and thus made it difficult for him to exercise. His son Edmund and his daughter-in-law Cordelia invited him to enrol in the Centre’s Abundant Life Program. For Cordelia, exercising is crucial as part of her cancer recovery process so it was a great opportunity to invite her in-laws to the Centre where they could all benefit from joining classes. In the beginning, Mr. Cheung was not able to walk comfortably and had difficulties following the movement in class. Now that he has attended classes for a while, he has benefited from improved physical and mental health and social well-being. He has met new friends at the Centre who care about him. By participating in different activities, he has experienced how the community can assist and care for a senior.  He is more joyful as he feels the love and care from others. Cordelia feels that her family is blessed and hope people around them will also receive God’s grace and blessings at 105 Gibson.

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