WeWalk 「同行渡疫」

Fundraising Thermometer $0 52% $50,000   https://105gibson.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/WeWalk-Promo-Eng-2.mp4 Support us to walk for the needy in our community   Many people are suffering from the impact of COVID 19: losing jobs, encountering emotion frustration, being isolated… During this period, many families are hard hit by the upsetting financial situation. No one knows how long this fight

Celebrating Community

In the past, our community had welcomed many new users into our midst. Each person has a different story. How did they find their community here? Jack, who uses our Food Bank, also played basketball in our gym where he met new friends. Together, they formed a basketball league and entered into a competition in

New and Old

Ray Lee I celebrate the diversity, dedication and hard work of the volunteers who invest in the lives of others in the community by serving at the Centre. They come from many backgrounds and circumstances. We have over 100 volunteers spending an average of 1,770 hours here every month in 2019. This is phenomenal and

Finding Our Way

Ray Lee Finding our way in this world is not easy. It can be by a lot of trial and error, working our way through other people’s obligations on us while trying to discover our own passions and talents. It may be a process of trying to make sense out of all the voices in