Children’s Choir Support 105 Gibson with a Musical Play

A big shout out to the Children’s Choir at TCCC! Their annual musical “Back to the Cross” is coming up and they are devoting this performance to both 105 Gibson Centre and Water Ambassadors Canada!

Sit back and allow these lovely kids to lead you through various cultures and times with time travelling, enjoy a night of great performance with friends and families! This event is free for all but donations of any amount are welcomed, and all money raised will go towards Water Ambassadors Canada and 105 Gibson Centre. Continue reading Children’s Choir Support 105 Gibson with a Musical Play

Event: The SONGTREE Performing on April 24th

“Cultural Cafe”… will be hosting a variety of performances on a regular basis. The next event will be held on Friday,  April 24th at 8:00 p.m.  Please come and enjoy the evening with SONGTREE, a youthful and lively band who will be performing and sharing life stories (mainly in English, but also in Mandarin and Cantonese). Admission is FREE and we welcome all to join us. Please check our website for future performances.

一隊充滿青春活力的樂隊THE SONGTREE將於本月24日(週五) 晚上8:00涖臨「文化咖啡廊」表演及分享生命故事;音樂會以英語為主,國粤語為副,適合25至40歲人仕,免費入場。本年將有更多精彩節目,適合不同文化、語言及年齡,請密切留意中心消息。

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Fundraising: Build to Bless Events

夢想成真 恩及社群 福音籌款晚會

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吳克定 (愛正堂主任牧師) – “去年夏天,藝人毛舜筠參觀105 Gibson社區中心,看見這裡致力不同群體服務:盲人視障文化咖啡廊、食物銀行、學生、青年、耆老、新移民等,覺得很有意義,願意參與日後的推展工作。

適逢天道大學神學院計劃在新校舍中設立紀念高雲漢牧師的普世領袖研習中心,院長Dr. Gary Nelson與幾個代表不同團體的牧師一起商議。我們想到高牧師一生致力培訓門徒,關懷社區,為要造就神國工人,是要身體力行,去傳揚醫治和祝福身、心、靈的全人福音,都是他早年為華基教會定下五個異象的其中要點,各人認為將兩者聯合一起是美好的聖工,值得呼籲華基眾教會全力配合,早日達成。


活動目標: 扣除行政費用後,籌募收益支持「天道大學神學院-高雲漢牧師普世領袖研習中心」及「105 Gibson社區中心」。

見證分享:  黃愷欣、毛舜筠
大會司儀:  鄭敬基
特別嘉賓:  杜麗莎
音樂統籌:  The Channels

Renowned Christian artists Teresa Carpio, Teresa Mo and Tomi Wong from Hong Kong will come and support the “Dare to Dream. Build to Bless” fundraising events on July 3-5. They will share their testimonies through music, drama and witnessing. All proceeds will benefit the John Kao Global Leadership Study Centre at Tyndale Seminary and 105 Gibson Centre.


[1] Gala Dinner 籌款晚宴  門票$50(Sold Out 售罄)
7月3日 (星期五) 6:00 PM
105 Gibson 社區中心,105 Gibson Drive, Markham

[2]Gospel Concert 音樂福音晚會 門票$20
7月4日 (星期六) 7:30 PM
多倫多華人基督教會,100 Acadia Avenue, Markham

[3] Gospel Concert 音樂福音晚會 門票$20
7月5日 (星期日) 7:30 PM
城北華人基督教會,9670 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill

售票地點/ Ticketing

  • 多倫多華人基督教會 TCCC
  • 城北華人基督教會 RHCCC
  • 華人基督傳道會 ACEM
  • 105 Gibson 社區中心
  • Online Ticketing 網上購票:

主辦單位: 多倫多華人基督教會 TCCC、城北華人基督教會及華人基督傳道會 RHCCC

查詢: 905-946-8787


A message from Joe Tay (鄭敬基)
A message from Teresa Mo (毛舜筠)