Pantry Praise

By Pastor Jackie Sheridan, Toronto Christian Community Church While families were preparing to sit down with loved ones and gorge on roasted turkey meals, giving thanks for the many blessings they enjoyed throughout the year, there are many in our community who rely on the generosity of others to provide meals to sustain their families.

Anticipation of More Blessings in 2018

By Rev. Jonathan Chan 105 Gibson Centre hosted four Christmas celebrations in December and were attended by about 800 guests. This signified a beautiful end to our ministries in 2017. Looking back, we had the highest and most diverse attendance this year – including seniors, students from our classes, Syrian new comers and youth from

Never the Same Again

Tiffany was frustrated and unhappy when she and her family immigrated to Toronto five years ago from China. She found it very difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle, culture and language. She had trouble keeping up at school and could not make new friends. Distressed, she even wanted to return to China. But she

My Local Mission Field

Louisa’s desire to serve and go on a mission is deeply influenced by her grandmother who was a dedicated and faithful Christian. Due to her line of work and family obligation, going on a mission trip is a challenge. 105 Gibson Centre became her local mission field. Louisa is a regular volunteer since 2013 when

Out of the Comfort Zone

Konichiwa! Bonjour! Harrison, an exuberant 18-year old, playfully greets others at 105 Gibson Centre. He is active and sporty, with basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball and pingpong on his schedule. But his real love is acting, photography and videography – two years ago he had even produced a video for A Meal Together where he felt

What a beautiful summer!

By Mr. and Mrs. Chee-Tuk Law My wife and I immigrated to Toronto many years ago. Our children are now grownup and we have been retired for over 10 years. We live in east Scarborough, where public transportation is inconvenient and we do not drive. There is a cultural centre nearby, but we have not